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Used spiral sand washer for sale price in india

Used spiral sand washer for sale price in india

Xuanshi screw sand washing machine is mainly used for sand processing, electric pole factory, building work site and concrete dam, various sands classifying and dewatering. This sand washer adopts inclination of 15°, under the water tub, three weir plates form the sediment pool, the screw head is immersed in this pool, the screw is driven by electric motor through reducer rotating continuously, the fresh water is feeding from porous plate at bottom of sediment pool, this machine have three functions of washing, dewatering, classifying.


1. Simple structure, transmission bearing of impeller depart from water and material.

2. The loss of fine sand occupy very small proportion.

3. No quick-wear part.

4. Long service life.

5. Reasonable structure, easy maintenance.

6. High capacity and cleanliness of sand.


Our spiral sand washing machines are widely used in the distribution of ore in closed circuits with ball mills, grading ore and fine slit in gravity mills, grading granularity and flow of metal ore-dressing, and de-sliming and dehydrating in washing.

Working Principle:

Screw sand washing machine takes advantage of spiral blades to eliminate dust or impurity. Compared with impeller sand washing machine, the sand washed by spiral sand washing machine is cleaner. When the sand is fed into the sediment pool from the feeding device, the sand will turn and roll and grind each other to eliminate impurity under the affection of rotating screw blades. Meanwhile, the water layer covers on the surface of sand will be damaged and being dehydrated. Meanwhile, fresh water is feeding from porous plates and forms flood current. Flood current carry the impurity and waste and overflow the weir plate. Then, the clean and dehydrated sand is discharged from the discharge opening. After this processing, the sand is washed, dewatered and classified. During this processing, height of overflowing weir plate and screw speed is adjustable. User can adjust them to realize classifying and eliminate the impurity and non-needed fines.

Technical Parameters:

Model Screw qty Screw diameter(mm) screw length(mm) Feed size(mm) Capacity(t/h) Spiral speed(r/min) Motor power(kw) Water consumption(t/h) Machine Weight(kg) Dimensions(mm)
LSX-920 1 920 7585 ≤10 100 21 11 10-80 6200 8420×2810×3960
2LSX-920 2 920 7585 ≤10 200 21 11×2 20-60 11500 8420×3970×3960
LSX-1120 1 1120 9750 ≤10 175 17 18.5 20-150 10900 10770×3950×4860
2LSX-1120 2 1120 9750 ≤10 350 17 18.5×2 40-300 17800 10770×5260×4860


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if you have any questions,plese contact us,we will reply with in 24 hours!

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