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Rotary dryer for sale price

Rotary dryer for sale price

The rotary dryer machine is also called sawdust rotary dryer, fertilizer rotary dryer, wood chips rotary drum dryer, rotary drying plant, and rotary drying machine, sand dryer. Silica rotary dryer can be seen in many industries. Silica rotary dryer is a kind of highly efficient, stable and reliable heating drying equipment; it is designed by Dajia Mining Machinery to dry materials of high moisture or strong stickiness. Because it is only a carrier, its thermal power is provided by the outer hot air to dry the materials.


1. Large production capability, continuous operation

2. Simple structure, convenient operation

3. Low malfunction, low maintenance cost

4. Wide scope of application, can be used to dry the granular materials, favorable for those materials with the big adhesion

5. Great operating flexibility, the output of the products allows a larger fluctuation range, not influencing the quality of the products.


chemical industry: ammonium sulfate, sodium sulphide, ammophos, ammonium nitrate, carbamide, oxalic acid, potassium dichromate, PVC, nitrophosphate fertilizer, calcium magnesium phosphate, compound fertilizer,food industry: Glucose,

salt, granulated sugar, vitamin malted milk, Granular sugar,minerals: Bentonite, Titanium concentrate, coal, manganese ore, pyrite, limestone, peat. Others: Iron powder, flat soybean, garbage abrasive, match sticks, wood chips, vinasse, etc.

Working Principle:

The rotary dryer uses the sleeve sets out the structure can be doubled to reduce the length of the dryer, due to significant reduction of the cooling surface, resulting in decreased heat consumption, while doubling the heat exchange surface to greatly enhance thermal efficiency. Materials that can not touch tobacco, multi-drum rotary dryer provided in the inside and outside the cylinder, respectively, within the smoke pipe and circular pipe, the flue pipe of communication between the radial, the same energy efficient. It is obvious that on the hot and cold media in terms of material, this machine a sleeve-type rotary cooler.

Technical Parameters:

Model (mm) Inclination (%) Rotate speed (r/min) Air inlet temperature (°C) Power (kw) Production capacity(t/h) Weight (t)
Φ600x6000 3-5 3-8 ≤700 3 0.5-1.5 2.9
Φ800x8000 3-5 3-8 ≤700 4 0.8-2.0 3.5
Φ800x10000 3-5 3-8 ≤700 4 0.8-2.5 4.5
Φ1000x10000 3-5 3-8 ≤700 5.5 1.0-3.5 5.6
Φ1200x10000 3-5 3-8 ≤700 7.5 1.8-5 14.5
Φ1200x12000 3-5 3-8 ≤700 11 2-6 14.8
Φ1500x12000 3-5 2-6 ≤800 15 3.5-9 17.8
Φ1800x12000 3-5 2-6 ≤800 18 5-12 25
Φ2200x12000 3-5 1.5-6 ≤800 18.5 6-15 33
Φ2200x18000 3-5 1.5-6 ≤800 22 10-18 53.8
Φ2200x20000 3-5 1.5-6 ≤800 30 12-20 56
Φ2400x20000 3-5 1.5-5 ≤800 37 18-30 60
Φ3000x20000 3-5 1.5-5 ≤800 55 25-35 78
Φ3000x25000 3-5 1.5-5 ≤800 75 32-40 104.9


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if you have any questions,plese contact us,we will reply with in 24 hours!

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