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6R high pressure mill latest quoted price

6R high pressure mill latest quoted price

High pressure grinding mill, whose whole name is high pressure suspension grinding mill, is one new type which is used to grind the stone to micro powder.Powder grinding mill can be used for processing some materials whose Moh's hardness is no more than 6 levels, such as limestone, calcite, marble and kaolin. High pressure grinding mill has the wider application than the jet mill. Compared with other similar products, this machine takes the higher pressure spiral, which can help increase the pressure, and the output of every unit is much higher. The material can be ground below 6.5um by one time grinding, and that is the reason why this machine is also called micro powder grinding mill. Compared with other similar products, Hongxing powder making machine has the following merits including better energy conservation, better sealing, lower dust pollution and higher working efficiency of dust cleaning, which can fully reach the standard of the nation.


(1) Unique design. In the grinding chamber of main machine, a 1500kg—2000kg of compressing device is designed on the upper part of the star rack. With the same power, the output is improved by 10-30%, the grinding force imposed on the material by the grinding device is improved by 800-1500kgf, and the fineness of the finished product can reach 1000 mesh.

(2) Good applicability to materials. It is applicable to different kinds of materials with Moh's hardness under Level 9.3.

(3) The dedusting effect is absolutely in accordance with national standards.

(4) The grinding roller adopts the most advanced and effective processing technique. Good seal effect is achieved through the overlapping multi-stage seal.

(5) Long replacement period of the grinding roller and the grinding ring.

(6) The grinding device adopts overlapping multi-stage sealing and the sealing performance is in good condition.


High Pressure Suspension Grinder is suitable for grinding the barite, limestone, kaolin, ceramic and slags, etc. which below scale 9.3 of Moth and below 6% hardness and 280-different sorts of non-inflammable and non-explosive stuff in the trades of mining, metallurgy, chemical engineering and building material for high fine powder generating and processing . The Product size is adjustable in the range of 80-425 mesh. It is possible to produce 30-80 mesh coarse powder through special device in the machine.

Working Principle:

When entering grinding chamber, the raw materials are shoveled up by the shovels and grinded between the rollers and ring; the materials after grinding are brought into the separator along with the air from the blower, and the qualified fine powder became final products and come into the cyclone powder collector, the other unqualified powder fall down to be re-grinded. The circular air returns back to the blower that the above process will be repeated, and the remaining air enters the bag filter in order to protect the environment.

Technical Parameters:

Model Micropowder93 Micropowder90 Micropowder86 Micropowder75 Micropowder65
Particle size of feed (mm) <=25 <=25 <=20 <=20 <=15
Particle of finished product(mm) 0.125-0.010 0.125-0.010 0.125-0.010 0.125-0.010 0.125-0.010
shift output at different material fine degree 1-21 1-20 0.5-12 0.3-8 0.2-8
Rotate speed of central shaft (r/min) 160 160 160 160 180
Inner diameter of pulverzing ring (mm) 1006 973 907.5 865 725
Diameter of pulverzing roller(mm) 300 300 270 260 210
Height of pulverizing ring(mm) 160 160 150 150 150
Electrical machine of main frame y225m-8-30 y225m-8-30 y225m-8-22 y225m-8-18.5 y225m-8-15
Electrical machine of blower y160E-2-22 y180m-4-22 y160L-4-15 y160L-4-15 y160L-4-11
Electrical machine of analyzer y112m-4-3 yc20-4A-3 yc120-4A-3 yc120-4A-3 yc120-4A-3


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