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300T/H-400T/H hard limestone,granite,basalt,pebble crushing

300T/H-400T/H Stone crushing plant is used to crush stone with less than 800mm,such as hard limestone,granite,basalt,pebble. Product with various sizes can be made according to customers'special requirements in hydroelectric station,building materials,highway,railway,urban construction,etc. Impact crusher can be replaced by cone crusher according to customers'requirement or hardness of stone.

No. Equipment Model Motor (KW) Number
  Hopper LC3000X4000   1
I Vribrating Feeder GZD1200x4900 15 1
II Jaw Crusher PE900x1200 132 1
III Impact Crusher PF1315 200 2
IV Vribrating Screen 3YK2160 30 2
No. Name Length (m) Motor (KW) Number
B1 B500 18 5.5 1
B2 B1200 25 15 1
B3 B1200 24 15 2
B4 B800 26 11 1
B5 B800 20 11 3

Jaw Crusher's Operating Principle:

The motor drives the belt wheel, and makes movable jaw up and down by eccentric shaft. When the movable jaw rises, the angle between the fixed jaw and movable jaw gets larger, and the materials can be crushed to reach the crushing target. When the movable jaw is down, the angle between the fixed jaw and movable jaw becomes smaller. The movable jaw plate leaves the fixed jaw plate under the function of drawbar and spring, and then the crushed materials are discharged from the lower outlet of the crushing cavity.

Characteristics of Impact Crusher:

It is made of high chrome; liner board is made of wearable materials;

Specially designed tooth impact plate;

More suitable for crushing hard rock, high efficiency, low consumption;

Final products is cubic, discharge opening is adjustable;

Make the crushing flow chart simple.

Working Principle of Cone Crusher:

Cone crusher crushes materials by the working surface between the movable cone and fixed cone. So it is more advanced and efficiency efficient than jaw crusher. The movable cone is supported by spherical bearing and fixed on an hanging erect shaft which is set in the eccentric sleeve, and the sleeve is set on the stopping and pushing bearing. The movable cone and erect shaft are driven by the eccentric shaft sleeve together. The eccentric shaft sleeve is driven by horizontal shaft and fabricated gear, and the wheel of the conveyor belt is driven by motor through v-belts. The lower part of vertical shaft is installed in the eccentric sleeve. When the eccentric sleeve rotates, there is a conical surface lined out by the shaft. When the movable cone comes near the fixed cone, rocks are grinded into pieces, when the movable cone leaves, grinded materials is discharged from the discharge hole. The fixed cone can be ascended or descended by adjusting setting to adjust the width of discharge hole, consequently the output size is determined adjusted.

Benefits & Features:

1. Simple structure ,low cost

2. Cubic shaped final product

3. Primary and second crushing capacity

4. High efficiency and low consumption

5. Convenient performance ,maintenance,installation

6. Most hard materials can be crushed

7. Little noise and dust pollution




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