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Latest Aggregate roll crushers for sale in Cuba

Roll crusher is suitable for the coarse and medium crushing of crisp bulk materials in cement, chemistry, power, mine, metallurgy, building material, refractory and coal mines. The feeding granularity of this machine is big and the discharging granularity is adjustable, and the compression strength of the materials to be crushed should be below 160 MPa. When using this machine to crush raw coal in coal industry, after deironing and edulcoration without gangue removing, the raw coal can be directly crushed, and the crushed materials have even granularity and low over crushing rate, thus simplifying the coal dressing process and reducing the investment and production cost.


1. In the powder grinding system, if the roller crusher is equipped, the production capacity of the powder grinding equipment can be brought into full play and generally speaking, the output can be improved by 30%-40% and the total energy consumption can be reduced by 20%-30%.

2. It has compact structure, light weight and small size. As for the powder grinding system with the same production capacity requirement, the equipment of the teeth roll crusher can significantly save the investment.

3. It has simple structure, and takes up smaller space, and the operation and maintenance of this machine is very convenient.

4. There is equipped dust-proof plant inside the machine and the sealing ability is excellent, so that there is little powder dust and lower working noises, so that the working environment is greatly improved.

5. The roll is optimized designed, and the equipment does not need to change the roll.

6. There is changeable anti-abrasion lining board which adopts advanced anti-abrasion materials, so that it has many advantages such as long service life and convenient maintenance.

7. This double roll crusher is equipped with safety protection device.

8. The gap of the roll can be adjusted according to the requirement of the customers.

9. The operational cost is low, stable operation, high efficiency, saving energy, high crushing efficiency.

10. The materials fall from the material feeding mouth into the space between the two rollers and are squeezed and crushed and final products fall naturally. If there are some super-hard materials or materials that cannot be crushed, the rollers of the roller crusher can automatically yield relying on the hydraulic cylinder or the spring, thus increasing the gap between the two rollers, and then such material will fall, consequently, the machine will be protected from being damaged.

Operation Notes:

(1) Strengthen the deironing work. The non-crushable materials falling into the space between the two rolls will damage the crusher, which will stop the machine, for this reason, it is necessary to install a deironing device in front of the crusher.

(2) Sticky materials can easily block the crushing space. When processing blockage fault, the machine should be stopped and never poke the ores in the running process.

(3) When there are large materials, pay attention that large ores may be easily squeezed out from the crushing chamber, they may hurt people or damage the equipment.

(4) After running for a long time, the abrasion of the roll surface will be serious, and then the product granularity will be fine, then pay attention to adjusting the discharging mouth or examine the equipment.

(5) Strengthen the examination of the roll crusher, timely lubrication the lubricating part and keep good lubrication state.

Technical Parameters:

Model 2PG400×250 2PG610×400 2PG700×400
Roller diameter
400 610 700
Roller length
250 400 400
Max.feeding size
≤25 ≤85 ≤100
Discharging size
2-8 0.5-30 0.5-30
5-10 13-40 10-100
Roller number 2 2 2
Roller rotation speed
180 75 95
Total weight
2.2 5.9 9.8
1215×834×830 3700×1600×1100 4300×1200×1200
Motor Power
5.5×2 15×2 30×2


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