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LM Vertical milling machine Latest price

LM Vertical milling machine Latest price

LM Series Vertical Mill is one advanced mill, adopting national top technology, and based on many years' mill experience. It can crush, dry, grind, and classify the materials. It is widely used in cement, chemical industry, coal and electricity industries, featured by a small size, low energy consumption, little noise, simple process and compact arrangement, etc. Therefore, it’s the preferred grinding equipment to grind granular and materials into powders with required finess.


1. Equipped with automated electronic control system

Vertical mill system configuration advanced electronic control system, PLC control, centralized control and DCS system control, to meet different customer needs.

2. Thin oil lubrication station

Lubrication system is an important guarantee of the transmission system to run, which is responsible for the reducer and roller lubrication, lubrication system independent petrol stations, and oil pressure, oil temperature automatic protection system, safe and reliable to make a full set of device.

3. Multiple classifier structure, adapt to a wide range of

LM vertical mill grinding different materials, different fineness requirements, selection of more than two structural forms of classifiers. Separator (classifier) ​​with frequency control product particle size distribution uniform, easy adjustment of product fineness.

4. Rocker and roller device

Grinding roller device is a swap heart roller bearings, such as bearings for the design life calculation, bearing the seal chamber extends to the case, and not in contact with the dusty gas, so only a simple filler seal will be able to wear roller bearings not into gray.

5. Environmental friendly

Equipment noise, grinding products through state-of-the-art air box pulse dust collector filter, dust emission concentration completely below the national environmental regulations. (Outlet dust content (30mg/Nm)

6. Hydraulics mature and reliable and easy to repair

Applied to the hydraulic control system and control of the force, with the material easy grind ability changes and automatically adjust the pressure, the mill often maintain the best condition, and reduce wasted effort and consumption, but also to extend the roller sleeve, the life of the liner.

7. Transmission system advanced and reliable

Vertical mill gear from the main motor, coupling, reducer. The new spiral bevel gear reducer plus planetary gear structure, strong wear resistance ground babbitt thrust pad bearing the greater the pressure load, improve operational lifetime.


1. LM Series Vertical Mill can process gypsum powder

Gypsum powder is formed by heating gypsum stone. When the stone is heated, the water is released, and the fine, white powder is left. This powder can be used for cooking, fertilizer, drywall, cement, plaster and paint. The mineral gypsum is used the most in its powdered form because it can strengthen material or increase viscosity, but the mineral itself is very low on the Mohs Hardness Scale, placing at a two or three. LM Series Vertical Mill plays an important role in the gypsum power process. It has the advantages of simple structure, high productivity, low energy consumption, low operating cost and so on.

2. LM Series Vertical Mill can process calcite powder

Calcite is one of the most important minerals. It is extremely common and found throughout the world in sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous rocks. In the form of limestone and marble it makes up a significant portion of Earth's crust and serves as one of the largest carbon repositories on our planet. The properties of calcite make it extremely useful as: construction materials, abrasives, agricultural soil treatments, construction aggregates, pigments, pharmaceuticals and more. LM Series Vertical Mill can efficiency process calcite, and make use of calcite fully.

3. LM Series Vertical Mill can be used in bauxite grinding

Bauxite ore is important mineral and can be used many fields. Bauxite mining is common in the world and bauxite ore grinder is necessary mining equipment in the mining of bauxite. Bauxite is a rock composed mainly of aluminum oxide and aluminum hydroxide minerals. It most often occurs as a residual soil material in tropical and subtropical areas. Generally we choose LM Series Vertical Mill to grind the raw materials to be required fineness before used to produce aluminum.

Working Principle:

Motor runs under the condition that speed reducer drives Nether millstone. The materials fall into the center of device through lock air feeder, and hot air comes into mill through air inlet under the function of centrifugal force, the materials when they come by the annular chute. The grinded materials will be taken up by air circulation and the bigger powder will fall down for regrinding. Qualified powders will be collected by collecting device as to be final product. Materials containing water will be dried when they contact with the hot air. Different humidify materials can be dried to the requirement through adjusting the temperature of hot air. Adjusting the separator can get the required fineness powders.

Technical Parameters:

Contents|Data\Model LM130K LM150K LM170K LM190K LM220K LM240K
Disc Dia. (mm) 1300 1500 1700 1900 2200 2400
Capacity (t/h) 10~30 13~40 18~57 23~72 36~114 41~128
Output fineness micron 170~45 170~45 170~45 170~45 170~45 170~45
mesh 80~325 80~325 80~325 80~325 80~325 80~325
Product moisture ≤1% ≤1% ≤1% ≤1% ≤1% ≤1%
Max.input size (mm) <38 <40 <42 <45 <50 <55
Best input moistrure <4% <4% <4% <4% <4% <4%
input moistrure(drying required) <15% <15% <15% <15% <15% <15%
Inlet air temperature (℃) <350 <350 <350 <350 <350 <350
Outlet air temperature (℃) 70~95 70~95 70~95 70~95 70~95 70~95
Main mill power (KW) 185~220 250~280 355~400 450~500 710~800 800~900
Dimension Lmm 3500 4200 4700 8500 10200 11700
Wmm 3400 3900 4500 5600 6700 7700
Gmm 5800 7100 8300 8800 10600 12200
Weight (t) 48 75 90 100 125 160


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