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Flotation Machine Applied for Mineral separation

Flotation Machine Applied for Mineral separation

Flotation process is usually a continuous process by a few tanks, dozens of tank flotation machine connections, including roughing, scavenging, concentration operations. Machines function normally and achieve the required aeration rate. Motor drives impeller rotating through belt and pulley. The machine can inhale enough air mixed with slurry as well as stir the mixture of pulp and pharmaceutical. The flotation select high grade concentrate from low grade Ore effectively.


1.The Floatation Machine has the advantages of large airabsorption capacity and low energy consumption.

2.Every flotation cell owns three functions: air absorption, slurry absorption, and floatation separation, and the flotation cells form a floatation separation loop by itself without any auxiliary equipment, and is allocated horizontally, which favors the change of flow.

3.The circulation of mineral slurry is reasonable, and can avoid the disposition of coarse sand to the largest extent.

4.There is self-control device on the surface of mineral slurry, so it is easy to adjust it.

5.The impeller has backward-inclined upper and lower vanes, which produce upper and lower circulation of mineral slurry respectively.


The Flotation Machine can be used to separate non-ferrous metal, ferrous metal, noble metal, non-metallic mine, chemical material. It can be used in roughing, scavenging, selection or reverse flotation.

Working Principle:

The flotation cell is constructed in a form of a cylindrical tank with a flat bottom. The upper part of the cell contains froth product runners in a radial arrangement connected to an outer cumulative runner. The cell and its components having contact with pulp are protected against corrosion by thick epoxy – acrylic coating. To ensure a long-life of the flotation machine, side surfaces are covered with polymeric or ceramic coating and the bottom as well as control boxes with ceramic lining. The feed and waste cells are connected to the flotation cell by welding. Control of the level in individual cascades is performed by the valve system, located on the edge of the last cell in the cascade. The last cell in the whole flotation flow is equipped with a waste box with the same valve system as is used for the control of level in the individual cascades.

Technical Parameters:

Model Cell volumem3 Inner size of cell mm Production capacitym3/min Main shaft motorkw Single cell weightkg Air absorbtionm3
Model Power
BF-1.2 1.2 1050×1150×1100 0.6-1.2 Y132M2-6 5.5 1370 1.0-1.10
BF-2.0 2.0 1400×1450×1120 1.0-2.0 Y132M1-6 11 1750 1.0-1.10
BF-2.8 2.8 1650×1650×1150 1.4-3.0 Y160M-6 22 2130 0.9-1.10
BF-4.0 4.0 1900×2000×1200 2-4 Y180L-8 22/30 2585 0.9-1.10
BF-6.0 6.0 2200×2350×1300 3-6 Y200L-8 22/30 3300 0.9-1.10
BF-8.0 8.0 2250×2850×1400 4-8 Y225S-8 22 4130 0.9-1.10
Y250M-8 30
BF-10 10 2250×2850×1700 5-10 Y225S-8 22 4660 0.9-1.10
Y250M-8 30
BF-16 16 2250×3800×1700 8-16 Y280S-8 22 8320 0.9-1.10
Y280M-8 30
BF-20 20 2850×3800×2000 10-20 Y280S-8 37 8670 0.9-1.10
Y280M-8 45
BF-24 24 3150×4150×2000 12-24 Y280M-8 45 8970 0.9-1.10


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